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The Persian campaign: Game 1

Game 1 of our campaign kicked off today: a Late Imperial Roman army invades Sassanid Persia. The campaign is simple: the Romans start off with a large invasion force, but accumulate losses over the course of the campaign, while the Persian forces increase in size with each game, as the Romans reach deeper into Sassanid territory. This first game doesn't have much to report, since the Romans mostly pushed through to exit the board, while the Persians, greatly outnumbered and consisting mostly of light troops and skirmishers, focused on causing as many casualties as possible. The Romans lost their only two skirmishers, and one mounted unit lost its remounts and will convert to a foot unit for the next game, while the Persians successfully disengaged. A slow start to the campaign, but subsequent games will get more exciting. Roman cataphractii in column rush to exit the board  Gothic cavalry  Late Imperial Roman infantry forming a broad arc to repel the attacks from

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