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Game Report: Late Imperial Romans versus Sassanid Persians

After this game, we all decided that 125 points on each side was probably too many forces for the table size: the lack of room to manoeuvre made the battle much harder for the Persians (an almost all cavalry army) than the Romans (whose bulk of forces were infantry and archers)

The Romans deployed with the Gothic allied contingent on the left flank, three units of Noble Cavalry and 3 of warriors, anchored on a basilica. In the middle, 6 blocks of infantry with supporting archers, and a battery of two artillery units right in the centre. A single unit of skirmishing horse archers and the only 3 units of Roman cataphracts anchored the Roman right to a hill. The Persians deployed equally strong contingents of cataphracts on both wings, and their prized elephants in the centred, screened by a line of skirmishers. A few bases of heavy infantry and militia rounded out the Persian centre.

The opening moves consisted of the Roman horse archers moving off the hill to try and harass the advanc…

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