More Crusader Mk 3s

Crusader skirts attached
Originally uploaded by Wahj.

Sometime ago I posted about the Hasegawa Crusader Mk 3. I've just completed two more of these (a very quick build - 24 hours from purchase to painted. well, mostly - still needs highlighting, basing, and decals) to match LK's troop of Crusaders - we'll be able to field two whole troops for the next Crossfire game.

I took the opportunity to try and the side skirts exactly right. The last time, I didn't put in the horizontal ridges: this time, I scored in horizontal grooves - you can see them on the photo of the unpainted model. The side skirts are made from plasticard.

It's a compromise: trying to make ridges that small would've been prohibitively difficult (read: not worth the effort and time, not to mention frustration), and grooves, though inaccurate, will at least give the impression of horizontal detail.

Crusader - with proper side skirts
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
Painted up, with an inkwash to being up the detail on the grooves, and it doesn't look half bad. There's something very satisfying about making your own modifications to a kit - rather than just building it off the shelf, you're customising it to make it really unique.

Crusader Platoon
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
Eventually, the two new tanks will get based and decalled like the existing one. I'm trying to decide how best to do the vehicle markings, since all the Hasegawa kits give you the big yellow number 3. Currently considering cutting out the centre of the decals, and hand painting the numbers 1 and 2 on the other two tanks.


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