Unpainted Lead

The Crusaders got their first game today, in a Crossfire game where they were pretty ineffectual (the 6 pounder guns historically having been quite blah in action, plus not having a decent HE round for use against infantry).

On the plus side, I've taken delivery of a whole bunch of new 15mm figures to paint: all in all, I've spent something close to $300 this month on figures. My Mycenaeans are getting a boost in the form of Sea Peoples allies (Sherdens, Pelests and Lukka), and my Carthaginians are getting another elephant, along with some Spanish cavalry. This is a year's worth of painting I've ordered in less than a month.

In the same way that physicians use the Body Mass Index as a means of measuring obesity, I think wargamers and figure painters should have an Unpainted Lead Ratio - total weight of unpainted figures divided by total weight of painted figures. Anything greater or equal to 1 should be normal for most gamers, I suspect. Hardcore painters would reach into the 2s, maybe 3s. Anyone with a ratio less than 1 is probably leading an unhealthy life, and should be made to go out and buy several kilograms of lead miniatures, pronto.


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