Essex Sea Peoples Figures

Sea Peoples Blades, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Here are the photos of the Essex Sea Peoples Blades I was referring to. As you can see, the flock and basing material hasn't been done yet, but the figures are.

The Essex figures turned out quite nicely.

Sea Peoples Wagon, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Also completed last night was this scratch-built Sea Peoples wagon. I based it on illustrations from the Osprey Ancient Armies of the Middle East book, specifically on the reproduction of a relief from the temple at Medinet-Habu, showing a Sea Peoples wagon. The cows (well, we'll think of them as cattle) are from some manufacturer I've forgotten, while the driver perched on the shaft is an Essex figure with a whip made from wire (in place of the spear he originally carried).

The wagon itself is made of plasticard, and I eventually intend to fill it with baggage - I have some spare spears and shields that could represent loot, and I'll need to find some sacks or bags as well to complete the load. Alternatively, I could be lazy and just toss a few spears in. The paint-work obviously has to be done, of course, but I'm quite pleased with my first attempt at scratch-building in 15mm.


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