Flames of War

It's been a quiet month for wargaming and painting, so I haven't posted much. A quick update on some recent games:

We played a Flames of War game on 5th June, using our existing 20mm figures and 1/72 vehicles. The pictures more or less tell the story of how the game went: an overly cautious approach by the Brits (that would be me and LK) meant that we were fighting to hang on to a draw by the middle of the game. As a ruleset, FoW made little impression on me: it seems to be in the vein of the Warhammer type game that it resembles, where the fun is as much in drawing up an army list as it is in playing the game (not that I'm putting down army-lists: I for one enjoyed thoroughly army list composition when playing Warhammer Ancient Battles). I suspect this is one of those rulesets that I'd have to buy to get interested in.

In the meantime, I've been slowly massing my 15mm armies, finally adding the baggage element to the Sea People's to complete it, and have just painted up two German tanks in winter camo. Pictures will be posted next month, since I've maxed out my flickr account this month.

The German armour will come in handy for Eastern front scenarios, though I have to find a way to get some infantry (Soviet and German) in winter gear. The ski troopers I already have are not really ideal, since they were of marginal influence in the war, but will no doubt add some flavour to the table when fielded.

Current project: a Hasegawa Jagdpanzer IV that's sitting on my study table, lower hull assembled. When complete, it will join the other tanks in winter camo. I'm always impressed by the quality of Hasegawa's kits, and they are a joy to build - low on frustration, high on quality and ease.


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