Make-up for your tanks

Capt Arjun pointed this one out to the guys on the Napnuts forum, and it is truly blogworthy. (picture from Hobby Link Japan: click on the post title to go to the article in question)

According to the site, with the Tamiya Weathering Master Set B:
"... a few light strokes on the raised edges, suspension, etc. of your model with the enclosed brush and you'll have a superbly realistic effect just as good as traditional dry-brushing, but with a lot less work..."

What gets me though is the look of the packaging, which is in the same visual genre as "ladies make-up compact", down to the brush. Either this is a case of economies of scale (Tamiya leveraging the existing stock of cases and brushes already produced by suppliers, to avoid having to custom make a case) or Tamiya senses that its customers are really, really secure people.

Even the range of colours resembles those that I've seen on my wife's make-up kits. The irony of it is that my wife recently threw out a bunch of make-up powder compacts which had got too old: I salvaged the containers (which look like the one pictured here) because I thought they looked as if they could hold something useful - but now it seems that I should have saved the whole thing! My tanks could use a bit of a makeover ... and Estee Lauder has just that right shade of rust ...



  1. Wouldn't these powders just rub off with repeated handling?

  2. I've actually tried with some of my wife's old powders ... cosmetic powder is generally too fine, and does not stick. With a layer of spray varnish, they might stay, but I haven't got around to that experiment yet. Will try something with one of my old, expendable T-34s.


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