War of the Roses Army: King Edward IV Command Base

Edward has a posse

It's the last 10% to complete a project that takes up 90% of your time. I'm still painting up the last drips and drabs of the Yorkist army. Here we have the mounted command base, with Edward, his standard bearer, and two knights as bodyguard. This is one knight too many for DBx mounting, but as I had a knight spare that wouldn't have gone anywhere, I thought I might as well mount them all on one base. This also helps distinguish the commander base from other bases.

The knight on the right bears a small shield with my best effort at a falcon-and-fetterlock design: his friend on the far left bears a shield with a Yorkist white rose. The standard bearer carries a long-tailed standard with a crowned lion and Yorkist suns in splendour.



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