More Qin Chariots

More photos of the work in progress. One more Qin chariot painted up, this time a regular one. I've put it next to the General's chariot for comparison. I decided on a black and white colour scheme for the chariots, as opposed to the red and black for the general.

One thing that is very obvious from this photo is how the 40x40mm base that DBA mandates for chariots is quite inadequate for 15mm figures. Every chariot I've got - Mycenaean, Sea Peoples, and Chin, can't fit properly on a 40mm base depth. They're based either with half a wheel sticking out the back (as seen here) or on a 50/60mm base (as with the Sea Peoples).

They should simply change the basing to 40x50mm, or 40x60mm. An added benefit of this is that the manuever for chariots becomes more complex: square bases are always easier to maneuver on the gaming board, since they occupy the same space with each 90ยบ turn, whereas turning with a group of chariots that are deeper than they are wide would mean a change in frontage and depth for the group. It's messier, and more approapriate for a unit that historically was very sensitive to terrain and difficult to turn and wheel.



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