Hittites versus Mycenaeans: Playtest of "King David" rules

Hittites vs Mycenaeans 2

Cpt Arjun and I ran a test game of the King David rules last week, to get a feel for how the rules might work in a campaign. My general sense of the rules was that they were typical of run of the mill rules, with a moderate degree of complexity (activation requires initiative rolls, alternate activation of units, and points expended for turning, stopping, etc) and some interesting elements added by the ability to play "favours of the gods" (allowing or forcing re-rolls by either player).

Here you see Arjun's Hittite chariots breaking through my Mycenaean spearmen. Chariots are emphasized in this ruleset: they are easily the most powerful, expensive, and difficult to handle unit.

More battle reports will come as we experiment with the rules.



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