Invasion of the Sea Peoples: Our New Campaign

Cpt Arjun and I kicked off our new campaign with a low-key game today.

The opening skirmish represented the first contact between the vanguard of the Sea Peoples' migration and the local Syro-Canaanite defenders. Warmaster Ancients was the ruleset used, and the game was a straightforward encounter battle.

The invading Sea Peoples out-pointed the defenders 3 to 2, and were all infantry, while the defenders had equal numbers of chariots, infantry and skirmishers

The initial advance of the Sea Peoples was halted by skirmish fire from the chariots and skirmishers, driving the Sea Peoples' skirmishers back through the mass of their troops ande confusing some of them. A failed charge from the Sea Peoples' left their infantry hanging in front of the chariots, and was a followed by a general charge from the defenders, enveloping the mass of the infantry block on 3 sides. The melee that followed saw each side losing one entire unit, but the weight of numbers on the Sea Peoples' side overwhelmed the Syro-Canaanites, who broke when their general was killed.

The campaign is off to a suitably bloody start, and the next game will see the defenders rallying more troops to stem the tide of the Sea Peoples' advance.



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