Completed Qin Dynasty army

Well, with the delivery of the miniatures I sent off to DJD for painting, my Qin Dynasty army is complete.

It took me a long time to reconcile myself to the fact that I no longer had the time to paint large armies: I still feel a bit bad about out-sourcing the painting, but I really have no time to engage in major painting projects anymore. I did have to do the basing though, to make sure it concords with the existing bases.

I already had a core army which I painted myself (here), about 12 elements strong, for DBA, but the additional bases bring the total up to a good size for Warmaster and DBM.

In the photo above, I've lined them up according to the Terracotta Army in Pit 1, with Halberdiers in columns surrounded by unarmoured archers to each flank, and armoured crossbowmen to the front as a vanguard. The chariots are up in front, and other diverse elements (light horse, swordsmen) are arranged off to one side.


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