Updates on WoW

After a spell of playing Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, I've decided to come back to World of Warcraft.  Even though Warhammer promised (and mostly delivered) better PVP action, in the end it was too much to maintain two MMOs, and the level of investment I have in WoW is too high.  More importantly, the casual style of play I was after didn't manifest: it was another Guild, another set of politics, another round of issues.

So it's back on the horse (so to speak) again - and this time, I get to joust on it! =) The Argent Tournament brings (albeit in an extremely limited way) medieval style jousting to the game, which should be fun ... for a while.  I wonder how long Blizzard can keep jostling the short attention spans of gamers.

As you can see, I am levelling my Warrior now mostly.  The changes to the Prot tree are remarkable: not only do I find myself doing PvE in Prot, I'm PVPing in Prot.  Yep, you heard me right: with the addition of several new stuns for the Prot-specced warrior, I find myself playing a different role in PVP - namely that of an interrupter (a utility role as some would call it), instead of the DPS role Arms and Fury specced warriors traditionally took on.  Not only that, I'm enjoying it - and for those times when I miss the high DPS of Arms, Dual-Spec has taken care of that.  


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