Crusades PBEM

A short Crusades game hosted by Cpt Arjun. This game was the tactical play of a strategic First Crusades game, replaying the Battle of Antioch. The Crusaders (left of the river above) are attempting to break through and establish a bridgehead, relieving the siege of Antioch.

The initial setup. Ruleset was Warmaster Ancients. The Crusaders make the first attempt to storm the bridge: here, one unit has made it across, but is facing a counterattack.

Attrited down, the survivors try to maintain the tenuous foothold on the far bank while the remaining Crusaders try to cross over in this brief window of opportunity.

A counterattack, and the cavalry charge pins the survivors against the riverbank and wipes them out. The first bridgehead is destroyed.

A second attempt to storm the bridge is launched.

A battle of attrition quickly develops on the bridge as defenders surge forward to push the attackers back.

Bit by bit, the attacks make slow progress ...

... and finally manage to cross and deploy in force (what force that remains after the fighting ...)

They steel themselves for a counterattack.

Success! The crossing is achieved ...

... but an entire intact enemy division still remains to be faced!

Final face off. Neither side offered battle, so the game was called on account of darkness =)



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