That's what we used to call Masters of Orion 2, an old PC Arjun and I used to play. When I saw that a version had been ported to the iPhone and iPad, I had to buy it!

(Aside: I suspect game industry analysts have an entire category of nostalgia driven games, banking on good experiences gamers had when they were teenagers to sell re-invented versions to them as adults)

Starbase Orion, as it is called, turns out to be a little bit clunky: it's not that they've made it any clunkier, it's that they haven't taken advantage of the iPad's touchscreen and tilt controls much. It's still very much a PC, mouse and keyboard game ported directly to iOS, ignoring the possibilities for improving the interface that the iPad offers. What was enjoyable 20 years ago with one interface is no longer as captivating now. I guess they must really be banking on nostalgia.


  1. I had a very similar reaction when I discovered someone had ported an old favorite of mine, WARLORDS (SSG) to IoS. Hurray! only to discover the interface is driven by keyboard and mouseclick analogs that are difficult to execute on an Ipad soft keyboard. Played a few games and consigned it to the ash pile. I'm glad you warned me off of MOO2.


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