Dux Bellorum playtest, Roman-Macedonian Wars

One of the long-term projects we have in mind is a Roman Macedonian War campaign, and we recently ran a quick game Dux Bellorum game to try out the rules.

Set-up was simple: one Roman Legio with Pergamene Allies versus a Carthaginian-Macedonian force. Arjun and I played the Romans while Marty and FG played the Macedonians. Initial cavalry skirmishes on both flanks mostly took the cavalry out of action, except for one unit of Roman Cavalry. On our left, the fight whittled down to one tenacious block of pike which resisted every attack thrown at it, while on the right, the Carthaginian elephants and deep blocks of phalanxes wore down the infantry.

A photo of Marty's phalanxes

Glad to see my elephants in action: they've seen only a handful of games since being painted.

A photo of the pike v maniple clash

More pics up at Cor Blog Me, here.


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