Macedonians versus Romans battle report

Our latest playtest in preparation for the coming Macedonian Wars campaign.

The Roman deployment was skewed to their right slightly: in the last stages of the game, this would lead to the majority of Legio III sweeping around the woods on the right and behind the Macedonian line. The Macedonian deployment was with strong cavalry on the flanks, and two waves of infantry in the centre: the first block was the Gallic warband, and the second was an impressive block of pikemen, supported by lighter infantry on the flanks.

The battle began with a cavalry fight on the flanks that the Macedonians won: all Roman cavalry was destroyed.

However, the Roman infantry (and especially the Spanish Auxilia) were able to fend off the remaining Macedonian cavalry: on the right flank, most of Legio III pursued the Macedonian cavalry around the woods; on the left, Legio V adopted a more cautious posture, re-aligning to face the cavalry charge. 

The Gallic warband charged up the hill to attack Legio V, while the Macedonian cavalry simultaneously charged in on the flanks. The Gauls were pushed off the hill slowly, while the cavalry was partly repulsed, with elements still locked in combat.

Eventually, the Gallic warband is destroyed, while the remnants of the Macedonian cavalry back off to reserve themselves to support the next attack: the charge of the pikemen. On the right, Legio III skirmishers move to contest the woods, while the heavy infantry position themselves to threaten the flank of the advancing pikemen.  

The Macedonian pikemen attack, supported by lighter infantry charging from the woods at the left: Legio V faced them in the centre, while Legio III pushed from the flanks. Skirmishers clear the woods on the right and start edging closer to the Macedonian flank. Meanwhile (not shown in the photo) large parts of Legio III have moved around the woods on the right and are edging into the Macedonian rear.

Towards the end of the battle, the pikemen are slowly pushed back, and their flank is gradually turned. Legio III emerges into the rear of the Macedonian line.


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