LIR: More Goths, and Artillery

Slowly, but surely, I'm painting the last few figures on this last army project.

First up are the remaining Gothic cavalry. I opted for a green/blue scheme for the clothes, and a unified shield pattern with variation in colour. I've yet to flock the bases, but they're basically done.  They don't look like much, but they'll do the job. That's one thing I like about the 15mm scale: it's small enough that you can make a favourable impression with the overall look (while cheating a bit on the details), and large enough that you can still paint in some details (like the shields here). I'll be the first to admit I'm not a skilled painter, but my figures are good enough to field for play, and that's enough for me.

After looking through the army lists, I realised that artillery would be a good way to buff up the army with minimal painting (more points, less painting!). Since I didn't have any figures, I scratch-built these from plasticard and wire. They're modelled after the scorpio shown here, though I also incorporated the horizontal bars more normally associated with ballista (for practical reasons - it's an easier build). I opted for 2 models per base, to better reflect the small size of these engines, and their use as field artillery (rather than siege artillery). I've yet to find ideal crew figures, so I've left the rear part of the base blank while I scrounge around for suitable figures.


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