Trojan Archers (Redoubt)

Archers, originally uploaded by Wahj.

These are the archers from Redoubt's Trojan Wars line, painted over the weekend and today as I recuperate from my bout of flu. A few comments/complaints:

The bows are far too flimsy: while washing the figures, the upper limbs of two of the bows broke off, and I had to replace them with brass wire. In the photo above, the front-left figure is one of those with the repaired bows.

Other than that, the usual problems with flash and mould-lines persist: I hate dealing with flash, and I hate dealing with mould-lines even more. Problems with proportions are also evident: some of the archers have embarassingly large pecs, and some mysteriously have nipples (e.g. front left figure in the photo), and others don't (e.g. front right figure in the photo). I don't mind either way, but at least it should be consistent in the same line of figures.

In the end, it won't matter much since these guys will end up in the rear ranks of each formation I'm fielding, but it's the little things that irritate you and slow things down when you paint that really get to you.


  1. Yes, the Redoubt Trojans are not the most anatomically accurate. I also didn't like the very brittle metal they were made out of. It makes them hard to modify. On the other hand, they were I think the first range of 25mm Trojans, and they seem to have started the trend. Within a couple of years several other companies started making them.

  2. Personally, I don't like the style (which I associate with slotta bases and GW) where you texture the top of a base to make it look detailed and realistic, and blended with the scenery, and then ruin it with the edges of the base being jet black, straight, and quite the reverse.


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