Trojan Spearmen

Trojan Spearmen 3, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Here are the first 6 of the Redoubt spearmen. Not too difficult a job in the end - they were primed over the weekend, and I spent about 3 hours tonight painting them. The sheer amount of skin showing is daunting: skin is particularly difficult to paint, especially since I've moved to using 3 layers (medium flesh over biege brown over flat brown) of paint.

This is also my first time painting up a 28mm army, and I'm having to adapt my techniques (which are geared towards 15mm) - some things just don't work at this scale.

Next up will be to paint up the archers, then finish up the rest of the spearmen before launching into the heroes and their chariots (I'm saving the best for last!)


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