Getting Ready for Gamecon: Mycenaean DBA Army

OK, that's it. Painting the equivalent of 3 DBA armies in 3 days has completely exhausted me.

Today I present to you the Mycenaean army. I started painting one of the chariots a few months back (here), but only finished the remainder tonight, in one 6 hour burst of painting.

This army fields 4 chariots (counting as Knights), 4 Pikes, and 4 Psiloi. I don't have enough Psiloi at the moment, so 2 from the Nubian army will have to stand in until I can order some more. What I like about this army is the Bronze Age look: the cow-hide figure of 8 shields, the chariots with lance-wielding warriors in Dendra panoply, and the primitive looking slingers. Game-wise, I'm looking forward to the combination of Pikes and Knights: the pikes as a pinning and holding force, and the heavy chariots as the strike for - hammer and anvil tactics. This army is co-extant with the Sea Peoples, as well as the Nubian/Lybian army, so I have enough to field two sides of a (more or less) historical match-up.

With this army complete, my preparations for Gamecon are done. I might do up my gaming boards a bit, and touch up the figures some more, but I'm laying down my brushes for the time being and getting some rest.



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