Getting Ready for Gamecon: The Nubians

Although the main games we're displaying for Gamecon are Zama and a WW2 game, we're also planning to put up some DBA games on the side, so I'm pressing on to complete some of my backlog of DBA armies.

First up are the DBA Nubians. These guys are from Chariot miniatures (I think ... they've been sitting on the shelf for months now), and they form a DBA army with 1 Bow (General), 2 Warbands, and 9 Psiloi. The Psiloi (not pictured above) are carrying strange club-like things that sources described as "throwing sticks": they look more like policemen's truncheons to me.

There are enough figures for them to be fielded alternatively as an Early Libyan army (also from Book 1) - 1 General in a Chariot, 3 Warbands, 3 Bows, and 5 Psiloi: they don't exactly look early Libyan, but are close enought to pass muster in a pinch.

Not the type of army that'll last long in a battle, except in rough terrain, but a colourful addition to my existing forces. The leopard spots on the archers are my proudest part of this painting job: it took me some time to figure out the best way to paint leopard spots (3 elongated dots in a rough circle for every "spot").



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