"Diorama" photography

Miniatures wargaming and photography are two of my hobbies, and so I read this article with great interest: link.

This photographer takes photos of real cities and landscapes, and makes them look like dioramas and miniatures. It's surreal ... for someone who tries to do the reverse (make dioramas look like the real thing) it's strange to see the real thing made to look fake.

Anyway, I hope to put up some photos of the War of The Roses armies I've been working on the past month. The Napnuts are starting a WoTR campaign soon (an idea that had it's genesis in a coversation Arjun and I had over tea in the coffeeshop) and I'll be fielding a contingent of troops for it. More on that later ... after I emerge from a Chinese New Year holidays spent bottled up in the study, painting.



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