The Wars of the Roses

The Napnuts' War of the Roses campaign kicks off today!

Another marathon painting session brought the bulk of my Yorkist contingent to completion. Not shown in the photo above is the artiller base, off to the right. The standard front and centre is Edward IV's, depicting a white rose en soleil. To the left of this command base are some crazy loonies with 2-handed swords. To the rear are Yorkist billmen, in murray and blue, the colours of Edward's house.

I bought the bulk of the figures as DBA army packs from Essex, with the intention that after the campaign was over, I would have a separate Yorkist and Lancastrian army to play with - hence the billmen lurking behind in the suspiciously Lancastrian colours of white and blue. I won't put any Lancastrian standards or banners on until after the campaign though.

The next step is to finish up the light cavalry, some skirmishers, and the billmen I have spare. Might put some other flags and banners on - like a boar for Richard.



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