Sea Peoples Campaign Battle 2

We played the second game of the Sea Peoples Invasion Campaign today.

The game started with the Sea Peoples advancing on the left (1, above), where a brigade of warband took up a strong position on hill. (I've merged several photos to show the "before" and "after" of each turn: the final positions of units that moved are the red portions of the image) The Sea People centre and right stalled in their advance, and the screen of skirmishers on the right were driven back by the Hittite Chariots (3). The defending Hittite army advanced strongly in the centre, with archers deploying in front of the main force (2).

The Sea Peoples' left wing charged into battle, and that flank quickly broke up into a series of small battles, with the warbands pursuing the retreating Syro-Canannites in all directions (2, 3 and 4 above). In the middle, one unit of Chariots took the brunt of a Hittite attack and stalled it (1), while another charged an exposed enemy unit aided by one unit of Elite foot (5), wiping out the centre units in what was to prove to be the decisive action of the battle (the defenders reached their break point in this melee and were forced to retreat). On the right, an advance by the Hittite foot was counter-attacked by the Sea Peoples' warbands, and driven back into the brush (7). The remaining Hittite Chariots were kept out of the action by archery from the skirmishers which pushed them back (6).

The Sea Peoples took minimal losses and won a major victory ... but their next battle will see them facing even heavier opposition, as the Hittites bring their heavy chariots into play ...


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