Sea Peoples Campaign: The Finale

The Sea Peoples Invasion campaign came to a spectacular end this Sunday, with the last two battles fought back to back.

The Sea Peoples started game 3 with their largest army to date - 3 full brigades of the dreaded warbands were in evidence (well, nearly 3: one was missing a base, and so could not benefit from the warband rule in Warmaster Ancients).

The defenders had the usual line up, with their heavy chariots forming the core of their army. A thin line, but a powerful one.

By the mid-game, a clear fracture was developing in the Sea Peoples' line: the middle brigade of warband, and the two units of elite troops, had failed all their command rolls and were not making it into the fight: the clash between the slow moving warbands and the Hittite chariots (capable of archery, skirmishing, and evading) was played out after the Sea Peoples' screen of chariots and skirmishers were swept away, and the warbands could not close in with the evasive chariots. Both wings were crushed under the weight of the Hittite attack, and the Hittites won a famous victory, turning the tide of the Sea Peoples' advance. The only minor consolation for the Sea Peoples was the elimination of one general on the opposing side, but they would now go into the fourth and final game will a much reduced force.

With no chariots or skirmishers, the last battle was a complete rout for the Sea Peoples: their reduced force could not make it back to the coast for a retreat, so there was no Dunkirk for them.

All in all, the Sea Peoples campaign has been a zippy and fast-paced one, which let the Napnuts re-acquaint themselves with the Warmaster rules.


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