In the saddle again: The Mongol Horde

This is my Mongol horde, ready for their coming battle with the Mamluks this Sunday. Slightly more than half are figures I painted, and the rest (the greener looking bases) were bought off eBay. A Mongol army from Tabletop Games was the first set of lead miniatures I had, though I've since thrown that first lot away: it was atrocious. (it was a DBA army, and Cpt Arjun got the Alexandrian Macedonian, while another friend got an Early Imperial Roman and a Tang Dynasty army. Ah, the old days ...) This current horde is all Essex, and contains almost every type of light horse figure - you'll find Cumans and Sung mixed in with the Mongols.

All in all, this army comprises 38 Light Horse bases (inclusive of 4 Camel bases I just painted up) and 16 Cavalry bases. There are 5 General bases that are also Cavalry, making a total of 21 Cavalry. After painting an all infantry army (Sea Peoples) and playing an infantry heavy army (Polybian Romans), I've decided to go all Cavalry for a change. My next target is a DBA Sarmatian army: 12 bases of Knights and nothing else ...


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