Warring States: the Core Army

I've reached a point where I more money than time to paint - which is not to say I'm fabulously rich, but rather to note that the amount of time it takes me to paint an army is prohibitively expensive - in time lost with family, friends, time lost at work, and time lost in sleep. Certainly, DBM-sized armies are no longer a reasonable proposition. I'll soon be sending off a bunch of unpainted Warring States figures to a painting service, to swell the ranks of this core DBA army. It's a surprisingly hard decision.

I know they'll not turn out exactly the way I want them to, or the way I would have done them. I know I'll feel less of a connection with figures I didn't sweat over to paint. But I also know that I'll appreciate the time I didn't lose painting them.

I'm not giving up painting altogether, just to be clear - I am starting on a DBA Sarmatian army soon, after all - but the day of the large project is over. It's small little cohorts of armies for me now, or the painting service.

The above figures are the DBA Warring States army that I completed recently. This is an all options army for any of the 7 Warring States.


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