Ancient Spanish Army

This is possibly my most delayed project ever: these figures were bought years ago (possibly a whole decade ago - I've lost track) and they've been sitting in a box, in varying degrees of painted-ness ever since.

The army (DBM Book 2 list 39) consists of four troop types.

The bulk of the army are Iberian Scutarii, distinguished by the long oval shields called scutum. Half of them are wielding falcatas (short swords with a forward angle and weighted end, somewhat like a large kukri in form). The other half are throwing the solid iron javelins called soliferra.

Also included are 4 bases of Lusitanan "Scutarii". While most tribes equipped their main force with scutums and their skirmishers with the small caetra (a round buckler shield), the Lusitanan Spanish tribes used only the caetra, but armored their troops more heavily, with mail corselets, as opposed to the linen corselets and bronze pectorals (a small round breastplate that only covered the centre of the chest) used by other Scutarii. As a result, DBx rules allow for Lusitanan troops to be fielded as either Auxilia or Psiloi, and I have chosen to field some of them as Scutarii-equivalent.

The Caetratii are the skirmishes, each equipped with javelins and a small caetra shield.

The cavalry similarly carry either a scutum or a caetra, but are otherwise identical to each other.


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