Carthaginian Command

More bits and pieces to round off the Carthaginian army. While the bulk of the army were painted years ago, I never got around to painting Generals or Command bases. These are from Magister Militum, and were bought a few years ago.

The foot command figures are quite nice - good poses, and they make a nice animated scene. The standards are a bit thin and liable to bend though. I paint to a tabletop standard because I can't be bothered to go that extra mile, don't have the time, and it doesn't really make much of a difference at the 15mm scale, but for the Generals in these bases, I spruced them up a bit by alternating their scale armour between rows of silver and brass coloured paint, representing decorative scale armour of mixed iron and bronze scales.

The other two bases I painted up were the "veteran spearmen in captured Roman armour". For this group, I decided to keep the shields in Roman colours (red), but to indicate their allegiance with a green "X" on the shield. The most expedient way for troops in the field to use captured equipment without risking "friendly fire" would probably be a modification to the shield design: I kept the base red colour to show the Roman origin, but figured a simple cross would be a likely way that troops could easily mark shields at short notice. The green is fairly arbitrary: the Poeni foot have a green palm tree decal on their shields (which looks suspiciously like a ret-conned Afrika Korp logo) so I chose green as a unifying colour.

Edit: I finally painted up the last remaining bases of Poeni foot. I've come to hate multi-part miniatures: these required both shields and spears to be glued on, which is more trouble than it's worth in the end. The pose also makes it very difficult to rank them one in front of the other.


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