grrr ... internet explorer ... grrr ...

I live in a 3 Mac household, and work in a Wintel office. I just spent the better part of my lunch hour wondering why the heck the sidebar on this blog was suddenly a bottom-right-bar, when the same page loaded perfectly fine in the morning. Nothing had changed between morning and afternoon - no new posts, no additions to the links in the sidebar, no changes of the template. In frustration, I changed templates, only to find the same problem.

A minor problem, you might say. A small matter of some misalignment, somewhere. People can still scroll down and access the sidebar, and read the links. But it tasked me. It tasked me, and I would have it!

Finally, I decided it could all wait till I got home (besides the fact that lunch hour was burnt and gone, and there was plenty of work to be done).

They load fine on my iBook. They load fine in . They load fine in . Heaven forgive me, I even started up (which I haven't used on my iBook since Safari came out) and they load fine. It's just something about Windows, or something about IE, or something about the unholy partnership of Windows and IE that exploded my blog template this afternoon.

Anyway, if you're using a Windows machine, and my blog still looks odd (as in the sidebar has is curled up in the bottom right corner of the screen, whimpering traumatically) please leave a comment so I know it's still not alright. It seems that there's no problems with Macs+Safari/Firefox(and even IE), so I'm going to find out tomorrow if it's something wrong with the machine at work.

Oh, and one more time ...

... grrr


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