DBA Battle Reports: Mycenaeans vs Sea Peoples

I played 5 DBA games over the weekend at Gamecon1, managing to blood my newly painted Mycenaean and Nubian armies.

The first game I played Mycenaeans versus the Sea Peoples, commanded by my dearest wife. The battle unfolds in the three panel photograph below.

Mycenaean vs Sea Peoples
(1) I set up with all my Heavy Chariots (Knights) on the left, and the pikes on the right with a line of skimishers (Psiloi) screening to the front. She set up with two groups of blades in column on the road, a reserve in the middle, and Psiloi in the woods.
(2) I split my chariots into two groups, the nearer one to engage the centre in co-operation with the pikes, the further one to hook left and try and catch the Sea Peoples in the flank (or at least tie up some of their forces to guard against me). My wife very adroitly redeployed her columns to face this threat, aided by good PIP rolls versus lower PIP rolls from me. In fact, once the centre became engaged, all my PIPs were tied up trying to work out the developing mess battle, and the flank attack never hit home.
(3) By this point, the Mycenaeans are on the wrong end of the Sea Peoples blades. I've lost 2 Psiloi units in on the right, and one of my chariots has been flanked and chopped to pieces. You can still see the empty 40mm by 40mm square space formerly occupied by the hapless chariot. The battle was clearly over by now, with me only one element away from break-point.

Lessons learned?
- Expect a new army to lose on its first outing.
- Expect to lose against your wife.
- Roll higher next time.



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