The Napnuts at Gamecon1

Our exhibit at Gamecon

This photo is best viewed large. 25 separate shots went into this composite, showing a panoramic view of the Napnuts and Broken Bayonets' exhibition area at Gamecon1. At left, you can make out two floating heads belonging to David and Mike (an unfortunate side effect of people moving around when you're taking stitched-together panoramas like this). Seated at the table are Boon (with two heads showing - see previous comment), Corbon, and two of the BB who I can't quite make out from this angle.

On the main table facing us is the Austerlitz game (at left) and the Zama game (at right). Just visible at far right is the DBA game between my wife and me - her first game, where she beat me using the Sea Peoples versus the Mycenaeans. In the background we can see what the exhibition hall at Gamecon1 looked like.

For a better view of the hall, check out the original, super-large size here.



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