Scale Creep

Miniature painters and wargamers are used to the problems that scale creep bring to trying to create an army that looks consistent. The definition of "15mm", for example, varies ever so slightly between manufacturers, enough in some cases to be obvious.

I've never seen scale creep quite as bad as this though, and all within one set of miniatures. Unfortunately, I can't remember which manufacturer this is: I have a habit of buying figures that I paint only months, sometimes years later (who doesn't?) and this set has been lying around for a long time gathering dust.

This is a 15mm elephant and crew. Each square on the grid is 10mm. Starting from left, note the size of the elephant. Now look at the mahout - a bit short, but he's squating, so fair enough. Look at the javeliner - about 16-17mm from foot to eye-line. Look at the standard bearer to his right: a 20mm figure in all but name. Now look at the general, furthest on the right - clearly a 20mm figure, and he comes up to the shoulder of the elephant.

Scale creep between different units is bad enough, but this is ridiculous - assuming you could fit all of them into the fighting tower (which you can't: another problem), the size disparity would be stare you in the face.



  1. shit thats poor... my suspect is that they just grabbed various foot minis from their range which might be appropriate for the particular period and packed it together with the elephant

    They might have built up their range by acquiring multiple lines from small dead manufacturers too which might explain the different sizes


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