A few photographs from the convention in KL.

Battle of Zama Day 1
A copy of Polybius looks over our recreation of the battle of Zama. In a convention geared more towards boardgames and the Warhammer crowd, our historical games didn't attract that much attention. A few curious passers-by stopped to take photographs, but we were mostly left alone to play the game. The notable exception was a couple of kids appeared quite interested in the battle, and who I roped in to roll dice for us. The game ground to a halt more or less as you see above: the Roman left is in disarray, caught up in a swirling cavalry battle, the Roman right is similarly engaged, and main line of Gallic mercenaries is poised to clash with the Roman legions.

WW2 Table
Here's a photo of our WW2 set-up.

Gamecon1 Cosplay
Cosplay! Or maybe it's just plain old dressing up, which is what we used to call it. I'm not sure what one has to do to be considered cosplay, but on Gamecon's stage, you could see the Trek, LOTR, and Star Wars universes collide.

The next generation of DBA players
Finally, here we see the Napnuts reaching out to the next generation of young DBx players =)



  1. Isn't paedophilia a crime in New Zealand too?


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